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The Ride Gets MAXimized!

Posted: 08.21.2014

Starting 9/1, the ever-popular Ride series becomes the Ride MAX. Keeping all of the performance attributes of the super stable hulls, there have been several updates made to the deck features to enhance your overall paddling and angling experience.

Of course, the most prominent improvement is the new Phase 3 AirPro MAX high/low seating system. A true advancement in design, the patent-pending seat has a full forward/aft trim range and a three phase High, Low and Recline positioning achievable without any clipping or loosening of straps. Standing room remains ample and the seat back can be folded and sat upon for even more height on the water. The aluminum tube frame construction is highly durable with an all-weather, breathable textile that affords both comfort and functionality with opportunities for additional staging and storage. The flat rails that guide the seat into the seat well of the Rides are SlideTrax compatible, allowing for more accessorizing and customization. Check it out!


Also new on the MAX series are redesigned Orbix hatches. Improvements include new lower-profile locking levers and longer, more aggressive locking tabs. Additionally, the soft sealing, more durable rubber gaskets and rubber lip seals combine with additional design enhancements in the rim and cover that translate into an overall drier hatch.  Storage tabs have been added to the inside of the rim to accommodate new hatch bins.

A new Keepers XL foot brace configuration is now available on all Ride kayaks with a primary focus on performance, comfort, aesthetics, durability and intuitive controls. An increased standard length of 21” (53 cm) now accommodates paddlers of all sizes. The rails are stiffer and stronger, with increased depth and a more durable material make-up. The pedals on all configurations are also larger and more comfortable than before with an arched, ergonomic shape and soft rubber over-molding for comfort and added grip.

Also, though not standard on the MAX series, check out the new low profile stabilizer bar designed to assist in standing in your boat as well as to stabilize your torso while casting. The bar will be available in early October through our accessories page.